Countdown To The New Year With A Toddler Party

Countdown To The New Year With A Toddler Party

10 Creative Ideas For a New Year’s Toddler Party

It’s time to ring in the New Year! But you’ve entered a new phase of life. No longer will New Years’ Eve consist of late nights out with friends, singing, dancing, or the clinking of brimming champagne glasses at midnight.

You have a toddler.

Don’t worry, though; the fun isn’t gone. It just looks a little different. With a few kid-friendly activities for a toddler party, you will be all set to welcome the New Year with plenty of giggles and good memories.

Idea #1: Have an early “midnight”

One of the benefits of having a toddler is that they have no idea how to tell time. Use that tidbit to your advantage for this toddler party! Celebrate the start of a New Year without all the agony and tears of a missed bedtime.

How do you do it, you ask? You pick when “midnight” strikes! Set your clocks back to the desired time and have your party with your little bambino.

Idea #2: Throw a piñata party

Toddlers aren’t usually known for their building skills. As a matter of fact, quite the opposite. So, allow your child the opportunity to lean into their destructive tendencies in a controlled way: their very own piñata party!

You can even make it a family activity by constructing the piñata out of paper mache and adding a little bedazzle with some glue and glitter. Fill it with whatever candy your toddler fancies—or maybe whatever one you fancy; we won’t tell. Then, when midnight strikes, let your child whack it open. (Make sure to maintain a safe distance.)

Idea #3: Pack some goodie bags

What better way to welcome the New Year than by munching on some of your favorite snacks? Have your toddler open up the goodie bag at the strike of every hour and pick out a special treat.

Choosing a special treat as you get closer to midnight will bring a smile to your little tot’s face and a cozy feeling to their belly.

Idea #4: Make it a family movie night/slumber party

If you’re looking for a fun activity and a great way of winding down the night, then a family movie night and slumber party is the answer for you. Snuggle up in your favorite pajamas and pull your loved ones close.

Picking a movie to watch every year is also an excellent way of starting a tradition that your family will be able to look back on fondly for many (new) years to come.

Idea #5: Create a time capsule

Creating a time capsule is a delightful activity for a toddler party and a lovely opportunity to reminisce on the past years’ milestones and occurrences. Help your kids create a scrapbook with fun memories to add to the time-capsule or grab certain collectibles and memorabilia that represent the past years. The time capsule is to remain sealed until kids are of a certain age or until the next New Year’s Eve, that’s up to you.

A time capsule can quickly become an enjoyable tradition in your family!

Idea #6: Set up a wishing tree

Resolutions and the New Year go hand-in-hand. But resolutions don’t always have to include going to the gym, eating more salads, and finally getting that six-pack.

Instead, a kid-friendly version of New Year’s resolutions could be making a wishing tree. With some foam shapes of your choice and a marker, you and your tot can make some New Year resolutions of your own, such as “spending time with Grandma” or “dressing like my favorite superhero for a day.” Write it on a foam shape, punch a hole at the top, and string it on your tree.

A little assistance may be required, but a whole lot of fun and good memories are guaranteed.

Idea #7: Build a photo booth

Kids love to play dress-up! What better time than New Year’s Eve to dress up and get fancy? Build a fun photo booth for the kids and bring out the feather boas, bow ties, and jewelry. They’ll have a blast dressing up and will feel included in the New Year’s celebration attires just like grownups!

Idea #8: Hold a balloon drop

No one truly ever outgrows the joy of balloons. And for a toddler party, a balloon drop will be the cherry on top of the festivities. Suspend a bundle of balloons above and release them as the clock chimes midnight. (Whether it’s midnight or not.)

Idea #9: Start a noisy parade

Kids love bang stuff as a means of celebration, don’t they?

If you’re hosting, ask your guests to bring alarm clocks and have them go off at midnight (or earlier). When alarms start ringing, have your kids hold a tiny parade by tooting horns and banging pots and pans. Create an atmosphere of ceremony and celebration as you wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Idea #10: And, don’t forget the toast

While a glass of champagne may not be on the agenda with little tikes around, that doesn’t mean a toast can’t be made. There are quite a few options for kid-friendly drinks for your toddler, such as white grape juice with a little seltzer or sparkling water.

After all, the merriment wouldn’t be quite complete without the clinking of a glass or two. Cheers!

Let the toddler party begin!

Celebrating the beginning of a New Year might look different now, but watching your toddler discover the magic of new beginnings is well worth some changes.

For almost 24 years, Party Maniacs has created fun and memorable moments for all ages. And, our experts are here to help you make any special event as stress-free and fun-filled as possible for you, your child, and guests.

Give us a call at Party Maniacs for all your New Jersey kids’ party needs. You can reach us at 973-376-2211.

We look forward to celebrating with you!

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