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Games Are For Everyone At Your New Jersey Party

At Party Maniacs, we love games! And, we know that you do, too. So, we’ve assembled an eclectic mix of classic, new, and crazy games that engage your crowd and keep the party moving.

Our games are sure to stir laughter, generate energy, and create a few memories along the way. We bring all the supplies for the games, set them up, and then clean up after the part is over. We also emcee the games and lead your guests from a good time to another. You can choose our Standard Party Package or mix and match the games you want to add to your event. You also have the option of adding your own games – we’ll still help you plan them and even lead them. We are here to make sure that you have a successful and smooth party that everyone will enjoy.

For the ultimate party experience, contact Party Maniacs at 973-376-2211. We are your you #1 party entertainment company in New Jersey!

We Have Your Classic Games…And Some New Ones!

No matter what you’re into, we can provide the perfect setting for all your favorite games. Are you looking for something unique? Then check out some of our wild and crazy new games. Some of our most popular games include:

The Toilet Paper Blower

Imagine entire rolls of toilet paper streaming across a room covering up everyone in the paper’s path. We blow the toilet paper out via a powerful blower. We can fill up a room pretty quick, while your guests have fun wrapping themselves up in the paper.

Simon Says

This classic game is perfect for kids and adult alike. Can you follow directions? If so, you’ll have a shot to be the last person standing no matter how crazy the instructions get. Just try to keep up.

Parachute Game

There are endless variations to the parachute game. For instance, everyone can grab the edge of parachute and bounce an object in the middle. Or, you can put an honored guest in the middle and shake the parachute around. No matter how you play the parachute game, you can give everyone an opportunity to shake the parachute up, down, and all around.

Basketball Shoot for Prizes (Optional)

This is our version of the classic arcade basketball shootout game. Great for all ages, each player gets five shots. And, no matter what your score, each player wins a prize!

Bubble Wrap Game

Noise! Noise! Noise! We throw massive sheets of bubble wrap on the floor and let everybody get their frustrations out by stomping on the sheets until the last bubble has finally be deflated. Warning: This game is extremely loud and very addictive! Your guests won’t be able to stop.

Limbo! Limbo!

Who doesn’t like to limbo while “Iko! Iko!” plays in the background? Limbo gives everyone the chance to demonstrate just how limber they are (or aren’t). Get your players together and we’ll be the judge of the most flexible person in the room is.

Find the Pinata (Optional)

This is another classic game that keeps your guests guessing and engaged. We bring the pinata, set it up, while you and your party knocks it down. Make sure you have an area large enough so that everyone can stand back!

Let The Party Maniacs Bring The Games And Activities To Your Next Event

Ready to reserve your upcoming party or event? Don’t play games… or maybe you should by calling us at 973-376-2211. One of our team members will walk you through all of our standard (and non-standard) activities and help you plan all the details. Our goal is to ensure all your guests (big and small) have an awesome experience.