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We Put the ‘Fun’ in New Jersey Fundraisers

Party Maniacs is New Jersey’s #1 party and entertainment company. We offer a complete party experience that includes games, activities, music, and customizable options for kids, teens, and adults. Whether you can use our services as the centerpiece of your fundraiser, as an accent to your already scheduled events, or an after party to close the event.

No matter what you have in mind, our party professionals can make it happen. To find out more about our products and services for New Jersey fundraisers, call Party Maniacs at 973-376-2211. We can help make YOU the life of the party!

Amazing Party Ideas for Your NJ Fundraiser

Fundraisers don’t have to be boring. In fact, the more enjoyable your fundraiser is, the more likely your attendees are to support your initiatives. We offer an endless range of party ideas that truly spice things up and make your fundraiser the best event in town. Some of our most popular party services include:


Lots and lots of games. You may be looking for specific ways to raise money during your event. While raffle tickets may draw a little interest, why not sell tickets that allow your attendees to participate in specific games? We offer enjoyable games for kids and adults that gets everybody involved and helps you generate more donations.

DJ & dancing. We can help you host a community dance that includes activities, games, food, and giveaways. We provide the DJ, the equipment, and the music, and you provide the location. You can send us a list of songs you want us to play, or we can take requests on the spot. We can also provide a photographer or videographer to capture the special moments during your dance.

Specialized activities. We all sorts of options for activities that your guests will love including face painting, balloon sculptures, clowns, and other popular activities for both kids and adults.



Customize Your Fundraiser Event Any Way You Like

Whether your fundraiser lasts a few hours or all day, we can help you keep the event flowing smoothly according to your ideas and preferences. Tell us what you would like to see at your fundraiser and we’ll do our best to customize it exactly the way you want it.

We have lots of options for standard and customizable packages that include:

  • DJ services
  • Photography and videography
  • On-site hosting for any location
  • Planning, scheduling, & strategy
  • Specialized games & activities
  • Food & party favors
  • Giveaways & contests
  • Outdoor & indoor locations
  • Welcoming your ideas & creativity

Starting raking in the cash by giving your guests a unique experience. The Party Maniacs are fundraising specialists, producing entertainment that helps your organization or charity achieve its goals.Let’s get started by booking your date on our calendar! We look forward to the invitation.


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