Toilet Paper Blower

The Toilet Paper Blower


Get Ready for the Toilet Paper Blower Game

There really are no words to describe the TP Paper Blower Game…but we’ll do our best. Imagine streams of toilet paper streaming towards you. Now imagine people who call themselves your ‘friends’ throwing all this toilet paper on you to try to cover you up. Next, try to envision everyone working together to pick up the toilet paper as fast as humanly possible and shoving it into large plastic bags in two minutes or less. Sounds like fun, right?

Kids Love the Toilet Paper Blower!

Children of all ages – including adults – love our Toilet Paper Blower Game. Think of it as a ‘Hurricane’ version of a regular hairdryer. The toilet paper goes flying into the air at great distances. It looks like a massive stream of confetti, only better! Needless to say, we can fill a classroom – or any room for that matter – with as much toilet paper as your kids can handle. The toilet paper blower is perfect for any occasion where you want to create a lot of ridiculous energy really fast.

Yeah, But Is This Thing Safe??

Let’s just say this: We always control the blower and never allow anyone else to touch it. We also ensure that your child is nowhere near the blower – although we can’t say the same for the toilet paper. Please view our toilet paper video so that you can witness just how safe and FUN the toilet paper blower is.

Who Cleans Up the Mess?

While you may wonder if the toilet paper blower is safe, what you may be more skeptical of is that your KIDS actually clean up the mess. In fact, the children love cleaning up the toilet paper and putting it in the trash. Whatever is leftover, Party Maniacs cleans up the rest. We set everything up and clean everything up so that you don’t have to. Both set up and clean up are fast and easy.

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